The Musicians!

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This year we have added some live music to the party every night. During the “DJ Break” between midnight and 1am, Local musicians will be entertaining the dancers with a great acoustic set.

Aaron Burton

Friday night - Aaron Burton

Aaron Burton channels the rich  and diverse musical heritage of Texas music through the prism of the country blues.

YouTube Link for
Recession Blues by Aaron Burton


Kelly Nygren

Saturday night - Kelly Nygren

The chanteuse responsible for live music during DJ Breaks. The dancers all love her.

YouTube link for
Open Stage Performance by Kelly Nygren

Sonny Collie

Sunday night - Sonny Collie

Long time veteran of the Texas music scene, Sonny Collie has played with Willis Alan Ramsey, B.W. Stevenson and Leon Russell. A signature fixture of the blues scene, his solo act combines blues, R&B and soul.

YouTube link for
“I Fall In Love Too Fast” - Sonny Collie w/ Cheryl Arena